The Talking Man  



Who Is The Talking Man ?

Nigel The Talking Cowboy from Porirua , New Zealand .

My Parents wedding day .

Donna's Parents not long before they were tragically killed in a car accident

My Family , picture of my father on the right hand corner .

That Minute

That Minute was written as a tribute to my father who was also killed . I never was able to say good bye to him .

Who Is The Talking Man?.

I was born in 1956 in Dannevirke a small country town in the Hawkes Bay Region of New Zealand to Hector and Irma Carmichael where we lived in a small rural community . At the age of three we moved to Tawa just out of Wellington City and it was here that I was educated . I never really excelled at school but loved sports and played rugby and cricket .

On leaving school I worked for the firm of Carters , tried my hand at owning my own business and did some retail selling as well..I am now back working for Carters.

 Wedding Day to Donna, With Mum.

As a young man growing up in Tawa , Wellington New Zealand  I loved Country Music and  I also  enjoyed going to watch western movies , especially those movies which had John Wayne acting in them . John was my favourite  western movie actor and I guess he  gave me inspiration for the way I love dressing as a cowboy today .

Among my favourite western singers are Slim Dusty , Roy Rogers ,  Red Stegall and Waddie Mitchell .  I have always enjoyed singing along to their music

One day when I was looking through my father's record collection I came across an Old Hank Snow album and I found Old Doc Brown This monologue got me hooked into what I would one day find a lot of pleasure doing [reciting monologues] and recording an album . 




  After some difficult times in my life  I met and married my wife Donna and we became part of the Country Music Club scene here in Wellington . For some time we went along only as spectators as I felt I was not good enough to sing  but  I was finally encouraged to have a go at singing which I did and was then  given some tutoring by a local entertainer by the name of Jim Pohe .

It was not long after that I discovered my favourite  style of Country Music 'The Monologue' as delivered by Hank Snow , Red Sovine , and Waddie Mitchell .

I started to recite their monologues at the Country Music Clubs and the people who came to the clubs soon gave me encouragement by telling me how much they enjoyed them .


After a few months of reciting popular monologues like 'Doc Brown'and 'Teddy Bear' I began to explore the world of 'Cowboy Poetry' and I recalled a poem  from

The Western Horseman Magazine which had been written by a lady called Carole Jarvis .The poem was called 'The Sum Of His Parts ' and as I really liked it I started reciting this poem at some of the local clubs.

It was not long after when  my wife and I had the misfortune of losing my two biggest supporters Pat and Tom Priestly . They were Donna's parents and were killed in a tragic road accident while driving back to their home in Levin .


From the legacy left by this wonderful couple came the opportunity for me to put my favourite monologues onto a recorded album . Mike  McCarthy of 'Manuka Studios 'Auckland  was approached and as he had never done anything like recording an album of monologues he was very keen to give the project a go .


Mike's expertise in recording and his musical talent produced a fine album for myself and Donna called 'The Sum Of His Parts' On this album is also an original song that I wrote in memory of my father called 'That Minute '



I have performed this original song at the  clubs backed by my good friends Gail Russell and her partner Peato .


I am now very excited  that my monologues are being heard by people all around the world thanks to the Internet media and to www.Irish Music where I have met some wonderful friends who have really appreciated my  album of monologues .  Lucia Butler , Pat Garrettt , Bob King , Anne O'Halloran and Dee Brown are just a few of the awesome people from Ireland who I have come to really admire and am very grateful to for helping me to get my style of music heard .


I am also very grateful to Alan Hessell of Radio Kidnappers who has also promoted my album .


Among my favourite New Zealand artists who I really admire are Jim and Margaret Pohe Joy Sloane , Gail Russell and Paul Sinclair . I am also very fond of Trevor Stevens , Joy Adams,  Dennis Marsh and Ann Pascoe all of whom I have received great encouragement and support.


 I wish you all the best and sign off here 

 The Talking Man .


Nigel Carmichael